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The fate of the “Lucas Museum of Narrative Art” is hanging in the balance.  From what I’m reading the opinions are ALL OVER the place.

I’ve heard some say its too ugly, some say its a private entity and not appropriate for Chicago’s public lake front and a lot of just random BITCHIN’.??

THIS Star Wars ?☄, Indiana Jones, Willow fan (who happens to live in the museum district where its possibly being built) would LOVE to see this thing come to life.  It seems like the haters are putting the kibosh on the whole thing.  It looks cool to me.  Check out the artist renderings…

More details about the the drama can be found in this Chicago Tribune article.  Lucas may end up bring it to Los Angeles or Oakland if Chicago falls through.  Then in true Chicago fashion ppl will just start complaining about why everything is in LA and NY and not Chicago.

I don’t see what the big deal is though.  Its an epic franchise.  It will bring tons of money and tourists to Chicago.  It will create some jobs.  Its gonna cover up that STUPID looking parking lot next to the Bear’s stadium, Soldier Fiel…Ooooooooohhh, I get it…Bears fans won’t have any where to STUFF THEIR FACES full of bratwurst and drink beer at tailgates on Sundays.

Oh well…aint happening’  #Chicago ?

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