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I gotta give RiRi her props!  She’s letting EVERYONE KNOW where the flava’ comes from!

Let me tell you, when PITBULL went on stage at the Grammys and did his new song “Taxi” which directly samples from the Jamaican Dancehall CLASSIC HIT “Murder She Wrote” by Chaka Demus and Pliers and made NO MENTION, showed no IMAGERY or even a SLIGHT HINT of Jamaica…I was PISSSSSSSED!RIHANNA on the other hand, is letting everyone know.  She is a Caribbean girl to the CORE!  WORK WORK WORK WORK…

She even included all the hottest Jamaican dance moves…Tek weh yuhself, Puppy Tail, The Bogle and some good ole sloooow whinin’ ARE ALL in there!

Biggup yuhself Rihanna!  Di video TUN UP…LOUD!  ?? ??