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This was SOOOO much fun.  Stunt man and motorsports enthusiast Travis Pastrana came to town before his Nitro Circus show and challenged me to a Go Kart race at K1 Speed in Addison.

So they hooked up my helmet with a GoPro camera and I HIT THE GAS…ELECTRICITY!

For a first time racing a go-kart, I think I did alright!

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  • Rope says:

    I happen to be lucky enough to have my birthday on November 13th. Which for me means a Friday the 13th birthday next year and being able to go during a slow time at WDW. I was planning on going next year in October but I changed my dates so I could go during my birthday to take advantage of their promtoion.I think the promotion is a good one and they made sure that pass holders and multi-day ticket holders get something also, nice.