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February 2016

Rise and Shine: The 5-Minute Routine To Get You UP!

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Unfortunately, waking up gracefully to the singing of animals and the warm summer sun isn’t a reality we all encounter. We’re lucky if we get a solid SEVEN hours of snoozin built into our day. For most of us, Slapping the alarm to give us FIVE necessary minutes is the FIRST thing we think about even before falling asleep.

So…how do I become a perky early riser??


Demi Lovato Low-Key Disses T-Swift

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EEEK!!! Pause the Twitter fingers! Demi Lovato went on an EPIC rant on women empowerment all thanks to Taylor Swift. Demi and many other celebs shared their hearts and support to Kesha as she shockingly lost her court case against working with her sexual attacker aka Sony producer Dr. Luke.

However, Taylor Swift decided to donate $250,000 to Kesha to help her handle whatever she needs! This turned Demi waaaaay off. Check out a FEW of her raging tweets…

Do you think Demi is out of line??

Rihanna Pays Homage to Jamaican Dancehall Culture in ‘Work’ Video

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I gotta give RiRi her props!  She’s letting EVERYONE KNOW where the flava’ comes from!

Let me tell you, when PITBULL went on stage at the Grammys and did his new song “Taxi” which directly samples from the Jamaican Dancehall CLASSIC HIT “Murder She Wrote” by Chaka Demus and Pliers and made NO MENTION, showed no IMAGERY or even a SLIGHT HINT of Jamaica…I was PISSSSSSSED!READ MORE

U Dance with B96

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This is a BLAST from the past.  The old TV show “U Dance with B96” went viral recently!  It was a very PROUD moment for me as a B96 host!  This was super cool and HILARIOUS!  Take a look at how we were kickin’ it in the 90’s!  Do you see your mom or you UNCLE in here???!

Sam Smith’s Incredible Weight Loss

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Sam Smith took the stage at the Grammy’s and…I did. not. know. it. was. Sam. Smith!  AMAZING.  I wonder what his fitness regiment must’ve been.  Its like he’s the new school Luther Vandross!  Which do you like, little Sam or big Sam?

Are you happy with Sam’s transformation?

Kanye West Tweets About Debt And Has A SNL Meltdown

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There’s always a low-point when you’re living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Let’s say Kanye’s a bit in the gutter. Clearly, It’s no news that Kanye West has announced he is $53 Million in debt. His troop has also made it clear that he is NOT asking his wife, Kim Kardashian for any extra cash because they keep their finances separate.

What Kanye WILL do…is Tweet…Tweet his little heart out to get help or maybe he’s turning to us to become his therapist.READ MORE