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New Drake Ft. Jamaica’s very own Popcaan!  Controlla.

This song is downtempo, very smooth, danceable and 100% STR8 JAMAICAN??!

Drake being a native of Toronto, Canada??(aka The 6) who’s diverse city boasts one of the LARGEST caribbean populations in North America is VERY well aware of what a Dancehall and Reggae vibe can bring to a party.  CLEARLY this is why he and Rihanna came with it QUITE Caribbean on the hit single “Work”.

If you’re not familiar with him, Portmore, Jamaica’s Popcaan has been leading the Jamaican Dancehall scene for quite some time and has been poised to be the next to “buss” in the mainstream music market.

(Popcaan “Way Up”)

BTW, anyone who knows me well, knows that I CALLED THIS.  I’ve been waiting for this moment in music. Caribbean rhythms have been bubbling below the surface of the music scene for QUITE sometime.  It seems like the mainstream is now remembering that this genre can lend a flavor to a track like none other.  Just to be clear…the next musical moment is Caribbean.  Between Major Lazer, R. City, Bieber, Rihanna, Drake and a bunch of tracks before them…it seem to be ramping up to be a Caribbean sounding summer, and this Yardie is LOVING it.

Biggup unuh self!