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EVERYONE knows that the substitute teacher gets the WORST treatment.  The students are usually relentless.  This teacher could not take it anymore and lost his cool in front of the 6th grade students.

According to reports the substitute teacher lost lost his cool when trying to figure out where a misplaced box of rubber bands were.  The rumors were that the students took them and used the bands for bracelets.

But “that does not give any teacher the excuse to go ballistic,” school board vice president Walter Ruehlig said.

He was SCREAMING and pacing back and forth through the classroom frantically.

Ruehlig said the teacher’s behavior was extreme.

The outburst caught on video and gone VIRAL, cost the Contra Costa County substitute teacher his job.

Though I DO NOT condone his actions at all, I KNOW that substitute teachers are often disrespected by their students.  Now that disciplinary action has been taken against the teacher someone needs remind students about RESPECT.

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    no particular victories yet this wee&0#823k;but I did fold 2 loads of laundry today.does that count? (I am TOTALLY trying that water in the microwave this afternoon. Company's coming tomorrow and it needs to be cleaned out). THANKS!