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We talked about this story this morning on the show.  This is by far the CLEAREST video of the incident I’ve seen.  I can only imagine how this event may affect the young boy psychologically.  Only time will tell.

A few Gorilla facts – They are HERBIVORES, meaning they eat mostly plants but on occasion small animals and insects but have sharp FANGS closely resembling those of predatory felines (Lions, Cheetes, Tigers).  They can reach up to 25mph (Usain Bolt’s 100meter is 23mph).  They are said to be 15xs stronger than the strongest men.

The boy was treated for serious wounds and released, and the incident is being investigated.  Tragically, Harambe the 17y/o endangered Silverback Gorilla was killed in order to save the little boy.  All in all the entire event was a DISASTER on many levels but there are many lessons to learn here.

a) Lets keep a better eye on the kids, shall we?

b) If an animal is SO dangerous to humans that if we get NEAR them they must be killed, maybe its not that cool to have them.  I’m torn between education and animal rights on this one.


My questions….

  1.  I am all for exhibits that don’t obstruct view, but how did they manage to build something for an animal this unsafe to be around that someone (especially a small child) could get inside?
  2. How many of these extremely special and RARE animals are in captivity in the US and around the world?
  3. When did normal people on social media become “Gorilla Experts” LoL???  Let the ppl with the info make the judgment calls!
  4. Will you promise me, if I EVER fall in a pit of SNAKES…when the Zoo keepers come to save me…tell them to SHOOT ME and not the snakes.  Thats a memory I wouldn’t want to live with. #IHateSnakes

RIP – Harambe

From what we saw the child could have been killed at any second. He threw him 10 feet in the air, and I saw land on his back. It was a mess.

Bruce DavisCNN

He was just flipping out -- just scared. The scream from that gorilla, that I have never heard. I don't think that he was hurting him. He was just protecting him.

Tangie HollifieldCNN

He dragged the child a little further down into the moat and he ... almost looked like he was helping him, pulled his pants up, stood him up, and then all of the sudden everybody started screaming again, and he pulled him completely out,

Kimberley Ann Perkins O'ConnorCNN

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