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Shia kicks some SERIOUS realness about politics, PTSD and his fashion choices in this interview.  FINALLY we have an explanation on why he dresses like a cross between a broke college student and a homeless man.  There’s a reason!

ITs true tho! Look at him…

He goes on to tell us about the potential awkwardness of speaking to a roomful of war veterans while wearing a suit!


"I'm also talking to veterans. I'm over at the U.S.O. talking to people who've been through stress, and they don't really want to see clean-cut Charlie... We're always performing, and we're thinking about who we're going to go perform for...you look in the mirror and you ask, 'Who do I want to show up with?'"

Shia LaBeouf

See AND support his new film “Man Down”.  Much props to ALL of our nation’s veterans.


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