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“So…two blonde guys walk into Trump Tower…”

Essentially all we have here is the set up to a really awesome or really terrible joke. As news spread around the internet about the meeting between President elect Donald Trump and recent mental breakdown inpatient Kanye West, we’ve witnessed largely a backlash from Kanye fans and anti-Trump people.

The tone of the outcry from Kanye fans about this closed door meeting and photo-op is mostly negative with a twist of “shock and awe” and a splash of traitor.  Some say this is proof of a complete meltdown on the part of Kanye West.  To that I ask…did the last few years not already convince you of said meltdown?  It also seems that critics of Trump feel like his time could be better spent filling his cabinet with qualified people, meeting with the CIA, apologizing for the damaging rhetoric of his campaign or just working hard to convince the American people that he’s not indeed the antichrist.  To them I say, if you’re waiting for this President Elect to do things the way you’d like them done…then you’ll need the undying patience of a Chicago Cubs fan.

The opinions about this meeting are very LOUD and while I may agree with some, none or all of these things my reaction to this meeting is really, “meh…so what?”

To me the public reaction speaks to a larger issue with the current culture. Largely driven by social media, likes, and the need to be correct and appear opinionated…we have become a culture loudmouths. People have to have the final say on everything.  Can’t we just sit back an OBSERVE a bit?  Even as I write this blog post and question why the hell am I writing it in the first place, I am amazed by the amount of presumptions and assumptions we can arrive at from a simple photo op.

Let’s not forget people, that you are looking at a photo of two of the country’s most famous entertainers.  Take it from somebody like myself, an entertainer…nothing is more gratifying for an entertainer than “the reaction“!  We LIVE for the reaction.  Its what pays the bills, keeps us relevant, lets us know that we “still got it”.

I assume that the phone call preceding this meeting went kind of like this…

“Yeezy…you can come here to the tower.  I mean the people are gonna go nuts…oh yea its gonna be great!”

“Hey Donald…yea well Imma letchu finish, but this is gonna be the greatest meeting of ALL TIME!!!”

Hyperbole, yes but do understand these two men BOTH KNEW how INSANE you would go at the sight of a pic with the two of them in it!  They had a good laugh about it…may have gotten a slight erection at the thought and their heart was racing the entire time before they met.  The excitement b4 this first date rivaled the first moments before Kim and Melania…yup. They were excited to EXCITE YOU!  This is fact, KNOW that.  I do it for a living.  But rest assured…a man who hasn’t yet been sworn in to be president and a man fresh out of the hospital for mental illness can get not much done in a quick meeting together other than a photo op and a huge reaction from the audience media. (see what i did there?)

What I HOPED was discussed today? The war in urban Chicago, how to address the needs of people of color in a meaningful effective and respectful way, the importance of arts and culture for young people, uniting the country through music…a referral to a good doctor…in either direction.

Looking at the recent Yeezy tweets, it seems some of my hopes were addressed.

“I wanted to meet with Trump today to discuss multicultural issues,” said Ye. “These issues included bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculum, and violence in Chicago. I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change.” -@KanyeWest

And of course a cryptic tweet of “#2024”@KanyeWest, (the true showman, Kanye wants us to rush to assume presidential run. #SlowClap)

“Game Show host” Donald Trump says,

“We’ve been friends for a long time”

lol BULLSHIT!  You think either of these LOUDMOUTHS would’ve been able to keep this LONGtime friendship a secret, THIS long? Not buyin’ it, what’s behind door #2 Donald?  Welcome to the show.

Guys…sorry for the obscene language but I have to ask.

WHY when we have so little info do we still give so many FUCKS?!??!

STOP GIVING FUXS!!!  Cut off supply of Fugks IMMEDIATELY!  Relax and repeal your O’FuxIcare BILL! NOW!

-Signed Bernie supporting, caring but Kanye critical, unimpressed…

  J Niice