“So THAT’s J Niice…”

…is a common phrase you’ll hear once someone meets
me for the first time. My voice has been heard on some of the North America’s biggest Top 40 radio stations (Hot995 DC, 965 Kiss Cleveland, Y100 Miami, Hot957 Houston, B96 Chicago, CHUM 104.5 Toronto) as well as overseas (X1071, Star 927, Irie 989 Grand Cayman, BWI).

But lets be honest how would YOU picture a guy that spends time underwater with
sharks in most remote dive sites on earth and in Chicago weekly
at The Shedd Aquarium, goes full speed down any slope on a snowboard,
frequents the indoor and outdoor soccer fields of Chicago, plays a
guitar and saxophone, lots of video games, who can converse with you about
the Marvel Comic Universe or climate change, loves Reggae, Pop, Salsa
and Hip Hop, and has strong opinions on things from politics to Pizza? Well…this is ME!

My passions

“3 S’s” as I call them; Soccer, Scuba and Snowboarding are my FAV. hobbies.

My first loves are music, movies and radio. I’ve been in
the entertainment industry since a kid as a child actor. I’m also an avid advocate for environmental awareness.

Call me a native New Yorker, a Jamaican, a South Looper, a
narcoleptic…or just “J” if you like…but definitely give me a listen
Monday – Friday mornings during the J Show on B96 when I have fun with my co-hosts and newest friends…the entire city of Chicago!

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