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The J Show Chicago 2008-2018

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All good things must come to and end…to make way for GREATER THINGS! Click the articles to read more…

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For many, the end of this morning radio program came as a shock and a disappointment.  I am so excited about whats NEXT, however I want to talk about the bond that is created between the listener and the audience that cannot be overstated.READ MORE

Kanye West Rant…

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…in its entirety. Wow #PopsAnAsprin

My favorite moments in here…

  1. “RADIO F&#$ you” ?  lol ouch
  2. “…I aint ABOVE, BELOW, none ah Ya’ll”  – Said the guy who’s been performing for the last few months suspended in mid air floating high above the audience on a cable supported stage.
  3. @Jayz “YO, don’t send no KILLERS at my head!” ( Oh WORD?  is that a possibility?  Tell us MORE about that)

If I’m being COMPLETELY honest…although it is with anger, in HIGH VOLUME, in bad taste and laced with profanity…there are some moments of truth in this latest Kanye rant.  The uncomfortable truth is that most people wouldn’t address these things at this particular moment (at a concert to tens of thousands of fans who paid for a performance) and most wouldn’t end the entire show and tour at the end of the dialogue.

What do you think about what you heard?


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It seems like the world may owe Kanye West an apology…but will he get it???

With all of the recent drama between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, it seems that Taylor’s credibility is coming into question.  Specifically when it comes to “playing the victim” in Pop.

Kim Kardashian is seen in this video talking about how Taylor Swift was VERY AWARE and involved in lyrics to the song that mentioned her, but then she acted like she had no idea while the world DRAGGED Kanye through social media for doing it.

The hit song “This is What You Came For” features writing and singing from Taylor Swift, Calvin’s NOW ex-GF.  The two agreed to keep it a secret.  When asked if he’d ever work with her on music, Calvin evaded the question and said he didn’t see it as a possibility.  Word on the street is his response caused her to FLIP OUT and contributed to the end of the relationship.  Calvin that she was on-board for the discretion and was now playing victim to shame him.

Is Taylor Swift desperately seeking attention?!?!?

B96 Pepsi Summerbash 2016

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