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Chicago’s Highest Paid Athletes

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Chicago LOVES their sports. Most of all we love our athletes. According to Crain’s these are the TOP 5 most paid athletes in Chi!

  1. Derrik Rose – Guard, Bulls – $35.1 Million
  2. Jon Lester – Pitcher, Cubs – $30.5 Million
  3. Jay Cutler – QB, Bears – $20.9 Million
  4. Jimmy Butler – Forward, Bulls – $20.7 Million
  5. Patrick Kane – Forward, Blackhawks – $15.1 Million

Read the FULL article here.

EW! Don’t Touch That!

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We touch things everyday without second guessing how nasty it is to simply…touch! I mean we know our phones are the germiest items out there, but are fingers are still glued to them. Here’s a list of The Top Ten Grossest Thing YOU Touch  Every Day! 

1.  Your toothbrush.  Just putting it away while it’s still wet helps bacteria grow. Read More