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Young Bulls Fan Excited About Free Big Macs

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That moment when the Bulls win…and you’re getting a FREE BIG MAC!

If the Bulls scored 100 pts, fans with the McDonalds app can redeem a FREE Big Mac sandwich.  Watch as a young fan realizes what he and his dad are having for dinner!

Donald Trump Is Headed To UIC…and Chicago Isn’t Happy!

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The IL Primary is on its way and Chicago is NOT ready for Trump. Trump is scheduled to speak Friday, March 11th at 6 pm at the UIC Pavillon. Petitioners and protesters are ready to stop Trump for coming at ALL costs. Over 42K have signed a ever-growing petition for UIC to cancel the event!

Dan Gallegos, founder of the PAC Art of the Deal says,

“I think if you don’t want to support him, that’s totally fine. It’s a free country but at the same time you have to allow people to hear the message.”

Will UIC staff tell Trump he’s fired??

Lady Gaga’s Busy Weekend In Chicago

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What a day for Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney. The couple started their Sunday morning bright and early giving back to the special olympics at the Polar Plunge on North Ave Beach, which is the second year of participation for the couple. Next they were spotted at the Blackhawks game winding down their evening getting caught on the kiss cam. Chicago can’t get enough!

Batman v Superman

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Literally bought my ticket on Fandango right after I watched this.

I HAVE to admit…it does make me a TAD-bit uncomfortable seeing Batman portrayed in a film with so much CGI…my expectations for the caped crusader are just more practical looking visuals but what the heck…I CANT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE!