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Kanye West Rant…

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…in its entirety. Wow #PopsAnAsprin

My favorite moments in here…

  1. “RADIO F&#$ you” ?  lol ouch
  2. “…I aint ABOVE, BELOW, none ah Ya’ll”  – Said the guy who’s been performing for the last few months suspended in mid air floating high above the audience on a cable supported stage.
  3. @Jayz “YO, don’t send no KILLERS at my head!” ( Oh WORD?  is that a possibility?  Tell us MORE about that)

If I’m being COMPLETELY honest…although it is with anger, in HIGH VOLUME, in bad taste and laced with profanity…there are some moments of truth in this latest Kanye rant.  The uncomfortable truth is that most people wouldn’t address these things at this particular moment (at a concert to tens of thousands of fans who paid for a performance) and most wouldn’t end the entire show and tour at the end of the dialogue.

What do you think about what you heard?


B96 Pepsi Summerbash 2016

By Celebrity, Music

Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For (Official Video) ft. Rihanna

By Celebrity, Music

FINALLY.  A video for one of the biggest songs of summer 2016!

Quiet as kept, these two make an AWESOME musical combination (I wonder if romance could be a possibility.  After the T. Swift drama, we know Calvin is ‘unoccupied’ at the moment)!  We first heard Rihanna and EDM Producer/DJ Calvin Harris on the smash hit “We Found Love” (2011) on Rihanna’s album Talk That Talk.

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Adam Levine SLAYS Prince Purple Rain on Guitar

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During a performance at radio personality Howard Stern’s birthday party, Maroon 5 front man and judge on “The Voice” Adam Levine does a rendition of Prince’s Purple Rain that some are saying is the BEST recorded cover of the song EVER.

Yes Adam, this is how its done.

STAND-BY for INSAAAAAAAANE guitar solo @ 3:45 in the video

Lady Gaga’s Busy Weekend In Chicago

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What a day for Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney. The couple started their Sunday morning bright and early giving back to the special olympics at the Polar Plunge on North Ave Beach, which is the second year of participation for the couple. Next they were spotted at the Blackhawks game winding down their evening getting caught on the kiss cam. Chicago can’t get enough!